Website Development:

Design Implementation

Websites have come a long way from static HTML pages to dynamic e-commerce sites and web-applications. Whatever be your requirement we can meet them!

Provide us with your designs, get it made from our designers or buy one of our readymade designs, we can implement them using PHP, MySQL, Javascript and valid XHTML/CSS. We make sure that your websites confirm to the standards specified by the World Wide Web Consortium.

We make websites and/or web-applications that are plantform independant and browser independant.

Platform independant sites ensure that whatever be the server side operating system, your web-applications will work. You will have complete freedom to switch hosting environments and will not be tied down to any particular server side operating system.

Browser independant sites ensure that your websites and web-applications will work in the same way in almost all the popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, etc. You don't lose visitors, you don't lose business.

Website maintenance

Content update, code updates and error corrections

In all web-sites that we make, updates for the first 6 months are absolutely free! We can also maintain and update your site contents even if your website has been made by someone else. Website maintenance charges start from US$ 125 a year.

We can also update your website code to suit the changed circumstances or correct the errors in your code irrespective of who has developed the website.

Installation of Web-applications

Readymade web-applications

We can install and customise any web-application. Blogs, forums, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce modules, wiki or any other ready or customised web-application. Charges start from US $ 25.